Boonchai Panich was awarded a contract by Thailand Industrial Complex to construct the rubber city in the industrial complex


Total project cost runs up to 1,449,800,000. Completion date is in B.E. 2561 and it is expected upon completion to help facilitate rubber-related businesses. So vital to economic growth down south.

The governor of the Thailand Industrial Complex – Mr. Veerapongse Chaiprem revealed that the contract  was signed off in March B.E. 2559 in Songkhla for the 2/2th and 3rd phases between Thailand Industrial Complex and Boonchai Panich (1979) covering the above amount inclusive of VAT in preparation of the construction of rubber industrial complex in live with the government’s urgent task to expand rubber’s by-products, thus ensuring sustainable growth of the crcl so essential to livelihood of people down south.

The contract required the contractor  Boochai Panich (1979) to submit to TIC within 7 days upon the sign-off date a construction schedule for the TIC to study . If approved, the TIC would allow the contractor to immediately proceed with the schedule. The project completion date would be in B.E. 2561 or 720 days often the date of contract signing.

The development of the rubber city complex in Songkhla province would cover the area of 755 rais for the both phase. Would-be rubber investors are expected to begin construction of their factories in September B.E. 2559  and commercial activities to start in July B.E. 2560. Infrastructure activities are schedule in March 2559 for the planned zone A and zone B both of which are to be completed in April 2560. Overall infra-structure activities would  be ready in March 2561. Meantime the TIC estimated that total factory investors in the rubber complex would amount to 70 within 5 years (or 2564) and total investment value not less than bath 8,000 million.

Relatedly a marketing roadshow was organized by The TIC to invite would-be investors to join the project. It had signed a memorandum of co-operation with the related agencies such as university of Songkhla, EXIM Bank of Thailand, special economic development complex with emphasis on rubber plantation. The whole objective was meant to promote and develop rubber trading to its new height through innovation, easily accessible loan financing, knowledge sharing, marketing game plan and so on. The said event would be held at Buri Siplu hotel, Songkhla province, 11 March 2559.

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